14. Annie Kloppenberg and Company (2014-2015)

Role: Performer.  Description: I have worked as a project-based dancer with Annie Kloppenberg and Company  since 2013 with short and evening-length performances at the Bates Dance Festival, in Boston, and in Angers, France.  Kloppenberg draws a great deal on the creative input of performers.  Our work together in the studio has informed our collaborative scholarship.


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Project Narrative

My experience within Annie Kloppenberg’s work dances on the edge of choreography and improvisation and foregrounds the performer and audience member as collaborative meaning makers.  Kloppenberg’s creative process is constantly changing, but relies on dancers to make improvisational choices between and within complex choreography.  For example, in creating her evening-length work, Entrances and Echoes we performers learned pre-existing short works from her repertory and created other short sections.  We then used that material as a basis for long improvisations (1-2 hours) that Kloppenberg would respond to in crafting the work.  Text, design, and props all play fully into the composition.

Working with Kloppenberg in various creative relationships has enriched our scholarly exchange and informed our ongoing research into knowledge production in performance.  Please see project 8. Scholarship for an abstract of our presentation at the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit.



Entrances and Echoes
Choreography by Annie Kloppenberg.
Project Dancers: Rachel Boggia, Matthew Cumbie, Caitlin Ewing, Douglas Gillespie, Audrey macLean, Kendra Portier, Laurel Snyder
Sound Design: Jordan Chiolis
Light Design: Justin Moriarity


  • Colby College Spring Dance Concert. Waterville, Maine. March 6& 7, 2014.
  • Dance Now. (Excerpt) Bates Dance Festival. Lewiston, Maine. July 10&11, 2015.



Bigger, Faster, Better
10 minute improvisational duet
Directed by Annie Kloppenberg.


  • Dance For World Community Festival. Cambridge, Massachusetts. June 14, 2014.
  • World Dance Alliance Global Summit. Angers, France. July 11, 2014.

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