12. Dancing the Edits/Vanessa Justice Dance (2014)

Role: Video Associate (installation and video editing).   Description: Multi-channel video by Vanessa Justice , produced through AUNTSforCamera.  Installed at Trouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  and the New Museum, New York City in 2014.

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Project Narrative

In Dancing the Edits, Vanessa Justice explored video post-production as choreography. She took footage of her choreography shot in the wilds of New York City, then projected the videos onto the walls and a variety of monitors to make a nine-channel installation of the looping videos  in a makeshift production studio in the New Museum theater. She used a small handheld camera to dance several in-camera edits of those projections, focusing on a different somatic state or score for each edit. It was an experiment in perception. This project was produced during an AUNTSforcamera residency at the New Museum. (This paragraph is drawn, in part, from Justice’s description on her website).

My role was “video associate.”  After Justice shot the choreography, I created the video installation in the New Museum and worked with her to facilitate her in-camera edits during the three day residency.  This took a mixture of artistic, technical, and somatic expertise.  I also documented the process using a second camera and edited the documentation into one of the videos that was part of the three-channel touring installation.

https://vimeo.com/106691788%20Sample of one of three channels of the touring installation

As a long-term collaborator, I offer Justice digital technology expertise and conceptual collaboration for projects that she usually initiates and directs (and often also shoots and edits). Our projects have included dance for camera, projections for choreographed performance, and experimental forms like touch screen video installations and Dancing the Edits.  Although I am not in the lead on the projects, they would be very different without my input.  Similarly, Justice’s unique blend of somatic, philosphical, relational, and formal orientations have shaped the ways I approach making.

Supporting documents: 

Burke, Siobhan. Always Moving, Even in One Place: A Museum Show for Aunts, the Roving Dance Party. The New York Times. 19 December, 2014.
Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/21/arts/dance/a-museum-show-for-aunts-the-roving-dance-party.html?_r=0

Opening Trouw Invites…New Museum. Blog Post. 22 October, 2014.
Link: http://www.trouwamsterdam.nl/en/blog/2014/10/opening-trouw-invites-new-museum/1283/

New Museum Event Page


Dancing the Edits (multichannel dance-based video)
Performers: Lily Ockwell and Kendra Portier. Music contribution by Kerri Lowe
Installed at Trouw, Amsterdam November 6-December 3, 2014
Installed at The New Museum December 17, 2014-February 15, 2015
New Museum/Trouw Amsterdam MovingImage Installation Party November 6 2014 3PM-9PM

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