9. making UNSETTLED (2015)

Role: Director, Editor, Director of Photography. Description: Making UNSETTLED is an  short documentary that chronicles an eight day residency at the Bates Dance Festival by the American company David Dorfman Dance and Turkey’s Korhan Basaran Company as they collaborate on Unsettled, a Dance Motion USA-funded performance that premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in August 2014 and subsequently toured Turkey and Armenia.



Project Narrative

I began making short documentaries about the creative process of dance artists in 2003 with Meredith Monk: Voice of Quiet.   In 2008, I began interviewing Bates Dance Festival artists and making short documentaries for the festival archives and YouTube channel. Telling visual stories about the creative process of dance artists is a challenging task that is very important to me.  It is my goal to make visible the research, support, and exchange that goes into making performance. Serving as a “fly on the wall” in creative processes is choreographic research as well: it informs my understanding of choreographic methods, choreographer-performer relationships, and music-dance interaction.

Making UNSETTLED was commissioned by the Bates Dance Festival to chronicle the development of Unsettled during the summer of 2014.  After a US State Department funded tour by David Dorfman Dance, the American company chose to invite the Turkish Korhan Basaran Company to collaborate in a creative residency at the 2014 Bates Dance Festival.  Unsettled premiered at Brooklyn Academy of Music in August, 2014.

This video is a work in progress, as it needs color correction, sound mastering, and final graphics.


Work in Progress showing at Tufts University Dance Presents: Dance on Camera Tour. 27 March, 2015.

Bates College showing through the Harward Center for Community Partnerships October 30, 2015.

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