15. Phantom Ice (2012)

Role: Performer.  Description: 7 minute duet choreographed by Carol Dilley with live original music by William Matthews, performed on cello by Madeleine Shapiro.  



Project Narrative 

Phantom Ice was the first duet collaboration between Carol Dilley and I after we began working together as performers in Avalanche and as colleagues in the Bates Department of Theater and Dance.  Dilley initiated, produced, and set much of the choreographic tone for the project, but welcomed my compositional and movement input.  The final work is a tightly scored improvisation along a diagonal of light.  Inspired by melting ice floes and  Peter Kyle’s “slow tempo” work, it is a constantly unfolding origami of soft impulses punctuated with breaks and stumbles.  Dilley’s work often involves live original experimental music — a fascinating world with which I had little experience prior to working with her.  We have worked together on two subsequent performance projects: Her Story Repeats Itself and East/West. Dilley’s approach to movement and music strikes me as direct and detailed.  Working with her compliments my compositional impulse to complicate the stage space with many simultaneous events that I often see as general energetic impressions.  She has inspired me to invest more in the details of movement and phrasing in my own work.


Music composed by William Matthews for Madeleine Shapiro on cello
Created and Danced by by Rachel Boggia, Carol Dilley
Costumes by Carole Farrell
Lighting by Michael Reidy



  • Spoke The Hub, New York, New York. February 2012.
  • F.A.B. Concert Lewiston, Maine. February 2012
  • Spring Dance Concert, Lewiston Maine. April 2012.


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