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Thank you for visiting my site! Dance is my medium for learning.  I make, perform, and document dance works, often in collaboration with other artists, scientists, and thinkers. I also frequently make  documentaries on other dance artists,  create video installations, design video projections for performance, and experiment with online embodied education through a project called Meta-Academy.   It is my pleasure to serve as Associate Professor of Dance at Connecticut College Department of Dance.   Before moving to Conn, I served as Associate Professor of Dance and Acting Director of Dance in the Bates College Department of Theater and Dance.   I have also served on the faculty of Wesleyan University, Dickinson College, The Bates Dance Festival and The Ohio State University (teaching staff); and have taught as a guest and adjunct at several other colleges.  I earned my MFA in dance from the Ohio State University and a BA in Biology from Cornell.

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