Welcome!  These pages are a bit like a visual cv.   I have divided my creative research into the following categories, though many pieces cross these categories and are listed in two or more places.

My most recent work is also discussed in-depth in my portfolio 

About my work: By training, I am a performer and choreographer in the modern/postmodern dance tradition with a specialty in multimedia performance and dance documentation. The postmodern dance tradition frames both creative process and the act of performance as research. Rooted in this perspective, my collaborative research explores and extends the boundaries of traditional choreographedy to improvised and commissioned performances, online courses, documentary, video design, and some scholarly and journalistic writing.

Although diverse in form, the different works you will find are united by my interest in how a body can serve as “both a source of knowledge and locus of meaning.”  I am interested in how embodied individuals participate in the construction of culture and knowledge; and in how strong cultural forces like the invention of the internet can change the ways we experience and aestheticise our bodies.  I approach these questions through mixture of movement research, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and critical reflection.