We Build Excitement


I began making short documentaries about the creative process of dance artists in 2003.   In 2008, I began interviewing Bates Dance Festival artists for the festival archives and youtube channel. Some of those interviews became short docs, and some remain as short clips. Each time I interview or film and artist at work, it is an honor and an education for me.

Documentaries for the Bates Dance Festival: (selected)

“Making Unsettled” 2015

Making “Unsettled” chronicles an eight day residency at Bates Dance Festival by American David Dorfman Dance and the Turkish Korhan Basaran Company as they collaborate on a Dance Motion USA-funded premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in August 2014. Work in Progress showing at Tufts University Dance Presents: Dance on Camera Tour. 27 March, 2015.

“New Works: Doug Varone and Dancers Chapters from a Broken Novel” 2010

I shot and edited this 5 minute feature on Doug Varone’s Residency at the Bates Dance Festival.

Bates Dance Festival Youtube Channel

I was a founding the administrator of the very active Bates Dance Festival’s Youtube channel and produced media for the channel from 2008-2014. I had the honor of working with Peter Richards, Shawn Hove, Lindsay Caddle Lapointe and many wonderful interns to produce documentation of the festival–classes, stage works, talks, interviews, creative residencies, and special projects.  My job was usually to interview artists and help coordinate special projects, such as short feature docs on particular artists the festival wished to highlight. In my opinion, the Bates Dance Festival archive and youtube channel are some of the best video banks for professional contemporary performance practice available because they show the range of creative activities that make a dance practice.  I am proud of the breadth and depth of creative practice that are represented in the archive and channel. I hope you will check it out.

Here is an example of the type of work we do: a short interview with Onye Ozuzu.



“Reflection: Reconstructing Anna Sokolow’s Steps of Silence” 2005

I shot and edited this feature about the reconstruction of Anna Sokolow’s Steps of Silence by Lorry May on Repertory Dance Theater in 2004-05 for a DVD set that is now being distributed by Insight Media. Director: Valery Williams (Mockabee)


“Meredith Monk: Voice of Quiet” 2003.

Meredith Monk in “Meredith Monk: Voice of Quiet”

My first doc and experimental documentation was”Meredith Monk: Voice of Quiet” in 2003.  This 2 dvd set includes at 26 minute documentary and experimental documentation of Monk’s music and installations.  The documentary focuses on Monk’s creative process making “Volcano Songs” and “The Politics of Quiet”  The video is not available online at this time.

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